• Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis

  • Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l'Informatica


  • UNIBSUniversity of Brescia developed a classification plugin based on their published work: M. Crotti et al. “Traffic classification through simple statistical fingerprinting” Computer Communication Review, 2007: 5~16
  • TUMLothar Braun from Technical University of Munich contributed to the development of the OpenDPI classification plugin
  • UPC Valentin Carela from Technical Univeristy of Catalonia (UPC) developed a plugin based on decision trees that uses Netflow data as a source of discriminating features

Past Students

The following are students who graduated with us working on TIE:

  • Sergio Franco - GMM plugin
  • Fulvio Esposito - L7 plugin
  • Alessandro Meo - SVM Plugin
  • Matilde Vassallo - Translation of Snort output to TIE format
  • Andrea Musella - Multiclassification
  • Antonello Pastena - PortLoad
  • Salvatore Parlato - Multiclassification
  • Stelvio Troncone - CUDA
  • Antonio Quintavalle - Multiclassification
  • Antonietta Guarracino - OpenDPI plugin and visualization utils

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