WARNING: This document refers to a project in active development, so it can undergo heavy and frequent changes. Please check for updates. The version of the software here described is 1.0.0 beta; older versions are available here .

TIE requires the libpcap library (downloadable at After libpcap is installed, it is possible to build TIE.

To build TIE:

tar zxvf tie-x.y.z.tgz  # Extract sources from archive
cd tie-x.y.z/src        # Change to sources folder
make			# Build the whole application and enabled plugins

All the needed files will be put in “tie-x.y.z/bin/”.

To install TIE into the system:

make install

By default this will put all files in “/opt/tie/” and will create symbolic links from “/usr/local/bin/” to the executables in “/opt/tie/”.

To show further building options:

make help


Plugin source code must reside in a directory named as:


containing the plugin source tree and its Makefile.

Plugins are compiled if present in the dedicated directory, thus to build tie and all available plugins it suffices to excute from tie source dir:


Selective building of plugins

To inhibit building of a specific plugin, create a - possibly empty - file named DISABLED in the plugin source directory. During the building of plug-in modules a message will notify the exclusion (and how to revert it).

To build only plugins from tie source dir just execute:

make plugins
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